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Our Mayflower group page is live on Co-operate which is a platform created to help people spread the word about good things happening in communities.
Please share our group page on social media so that more people get to know about Mayflower and the fantastic training and opportunities we provide for young people in our community.

Sharing will help us find new members, and perhaps even the volunteers, equipment and resources we need.

We are delighted to announce our new and very exciting partnership with King/Kong Rifles. Here’s to a successful future!

Fundraising Event – London Marathon

Rob Smith is running the London Marathon for the second time in his life.

Having seen the wonderful work that Mayflower Performing Arts charity does and the opportunities they have given his daughter, he would like to raise funds to keep them going strong.

Please help by giving anything, no matter how small. It will be greatly appreciated.

Click on the logo above to take you to the web page that contains all the details on how to give. You can also click here :

9th February 2020. Our new Mayflower home show venue was a success! Our Cadets, Junior, A and World guard all secured 1st place.

26th January 2020. Mayflower completed their 2nd 2020 WGUK: Winter Guard United Kingdom competition today, with all 4 MF guards taking 1st place!

Cadets 1st 🥇

Juniors 1st 🥇

A 1st 🥇

World 1st 🥇

We’re proud of our talented flowers, we hope to see you all at our home show in 2 weeks, back in Wivenhoe!