Mayflower 2018 shows


2018 show announcements

Mayflower Cadets - Role Model

Mayflower Cadets are our youngest group, the members age range from 5 – 9 years old and include new and returning members from previous years. You will no doubt see their faces in our  Open/World guard in the years to come!

Meet the Design & Instructional Staff who will make the show a success!

Title: Role Model

Director: Leigh Emmerman
Staff: Tracey Suétt, Julie Doodes, Lucy Conway, Lucy Emmerman & Emma Copp


Mayflower Juniors


Mayflower Juniors offer our Cadet members a development opportunity to increase their skills and build on their winterguard experience. With ages ranging from 9 – 12, our Juniors provide audiences with enjoyable and heart warming shows and 2018 is set to continue this. Following a successful 2017 season, it’s great to see the same staff team return for 2018 plus some new welcomed additions.

Title: The Scarecrow

Director: Krissie Davis
Staff: Jane Hope, Lucy Conway, Angela Kavanagh, Becki Buckley, Barry Davis, Julie Hammond, Lisa Smart & Greg Howard


Mayflower A


Mayflower ‘A’, with an average age of just 15, the new and returning members of Mayflower A invite you to come and enjoy the 2018 production entitled ‘Something completely different’. Exciting times for these young performers as they collaborate with Daniel Suétt who provides an original composition to enhance a move in a new direction.

Title : Something completely different
Directors : Ceri Smith & Jena Smith
Design: Jon Bilby
Staff: Sharon smith, Emma Copp & Harley Brown


Mayflower Open


Mayflower Open are delighted to announce their 2018 production ‘The Last Party’.
Our senior group are excited to perform a contrasting concept that will excite audiences in the U.K WGUK: Winter Guard United Kingdom and the Netherlands CGN – Color Guard Nederland With one of Europe’s most established and successful design & instructorial teams, they will develop and prepare the 2018 cast for a return to WGI Championships in 2019 WGI Sport of the Arts.

Director: Barry Davis
Design: Michael Shapiro & Anthony Garcia
Show Coordinator: Robert DaCosta
Instructors: Krissie Davis, Becky Buckley & Toni Mansfield
We would once again like to thank McCormicks for their continued support and partnership in 2018 & 2019.