About us

It is not easy to explain what we do in a nut shell, watch the video and have a read below which explains it all!

From age 5, Mayflower Performing Arts has a group for all ages and ability. Being part of the Mayflower family is a life long experience, pushing your skills, endurance and ability to the max.

Colourguard is a unique activity. Originating from the US as part of Drum Corps in the US. Colourguards took on their own winter circuit in the UK around 1980 and have gone from strength to strength. Most colourguards now are totally independent from drum corps and usually run as a year round activity.

Members have the opportunity to be trained by our very experienced team of staff. Included in the training programme is the opportunity to cover all aspects of dance from ballet to hip hop, in addition all members are trained to spin flag, rifle and sabre. During the summer months we concentrate on technique in preparation for the winter competitive season.

Mayflower has always been very successful in the Winterguard circuit, but the past 15 years have seen them at the top of the UK activity. The Open/World guard compete at the highest level not only in the UK but in Europe and the USA. In 2003 Mayflower became the first European Guard to make the World Championship Finals, this was repeated again in 2010.  Mayflower enters the World Championships in the USA every 2/3 years.

In addition to our senior guard, Mayflower provides competing teams for younger members ages 5 years upwards. Depending on numbers these teams can be broken down into a Cadet Guard, Junior Guard and A Guard all competing in the UK circuit. The competition season runs from January to April with rehearsals from September onwards focusing on the new season shows. April through to July the emphasis is on improving technique and often culminating in a summer public performance. We break for the 6 week summer term holiday.

Subscriptions are based on a 12 month payment system, just £25 a month for our Cadet and Junior Guard, £30 for A and £35 for World Guard. Although breaking for the summer holiday period we spread the monthly payments over the 12 months, there are no other fees required when we have extra tuition usually during the competitive season.

We always encourage our members to be punctual and we provide a structured and disciplined activity. We do not require any previous experience as we provide a full and comprehensive training programme.