Mayflower WGI 2023

WGI update

In 2019, Mayflower made its 9th trip to compete in the WGI Championship in Dayton Ohio, which was also the 5th time Mayflower secured an Independent World finalist position. The WGI experience provides memories forever, and we are incredibly excited to announce our return to WGI Championships in April 2023. This section of the website has been designed to provide all prospective members with information about becoming part of Mayflower World 2023.

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Auditioning for Mayflower

Mayflower members are selected on their attitude, work ethic and ability to commit to the season. Unlike most World-class colourguards, we do not follow the usual audition process. If you are interested in being part of our programme, then please get in touch!

UK / Europe members contact Barry Davis

U.S / Non-European members contact Michael Shapiro

The Mayflower experience

Being part of Mayflower is truly international and unique experience. Not only do we have members from many parts of the UK, we also have members from Europe, Japan and the U.S. You will not only have a wonderful performance experience but also a truly multicultural experience too. During your time with Mayflower you will get the chance to explore the UK and Europe.

Our Schedule

The season will commence in October 2022. Non UK/European members will be required to move-in by January 2023. A full season schedule will follow, however please refer to Barry Davis for further details.


Q. How often does Mayflower rehearse?

A. Mayflower rehearse Sunday 10am to 6pm. Camp weekends are all day Saturday and Sunday. Show weekend rehearsals are on Saturday afternoon (with shows on a Sunday)

Q. What are European guards like?

A. The UK and Netherlands both have very active winterguard circuits. If you imagine what your local circuit is like then it is very similar to Europe. In the UK we compete in Winterguard United Kingdom ( Mayflower will have 4 competitive units competing in different classes.

Q. How much money should I bring with me?

A. You will need to ensure you are financially supported during your time with Mayflower. Whilst housing costs (see below) are kept to a minimum, London and the local area provides shopping, nightlife, shows and other attractions that you will certainly want to enjoy during your stay.

£500 WGUK Season – All members
£50 WGUK finals weekend (hotel and transport) – All members
£1,300 WGI week (includes flight, hotel and transport) – UK members
£500 WGI week (includes hotel and transport) – U.S / Non U.K members
US members should book their own return flight to/from London

Q. Where will I live?

A. Members requiring housing will be housed with Mayflower members and families.
We ask that a contribution towards to food is paid to your housing family.

Contact details

For all information regarding membership, please contact:
UK / Europe members contact Barry Davis
U.S / Non-European members contact Michael Shapiro